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Because Access to a Safe Home Is A Human Right

Safe Homes Movement is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life through engineering volunteer opportunities and sustainable community development projects .

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The Heart of Our Movement: Building Foundations for a Better Tomorrow"

As a division of MEDLIFE, Safe Homes Movement is committed to enhancing the quality of life for families in Peru and Ecuador. In these regions, the absence of essential infrastructure places entire communities at risk. We focus on building staircases, creating parks, and renovating homes to make daily life safer and more dignified for everyone. Because we believe that access to a safe home is not a privilege—it’s a human right.

More Than a Mission Trip

The Safe Homes Service Learning Trip provides hands-on engineering volunteer opportunities in Peru and Ecuador for design, engineering and architecture students or graduates. Participants collaborate with local professionals to design and execute key community projects like staircases. Remaining plans are later implemented by MEDLIFE Classic Service Learning Trips, ensuring lasting, quality impact. Together, we’re empowering communities to break the cycle of poverty.


The Safe Homes Movement Difference

Bringing Development to Marginalized Neighborhoods

The Safe Homes Service Learning Trips brings long-term, sustainable development initiatives to vulnerable communities in need of community organizing or urban planning solutions.

Partnering with Local Professionals on the Ground

Our projects are staffed by local architects and engineers who speak the language, understand local systems, and provide culturally sensitive development.

Providing Quality, Long-Term Solutions

When MEDLIFE encounters a development or urban planning issue, we find a solution and we do it right. We ensure that our work is high-quality and up to industry standards so that the issue is resolved for a long time to come.

Hand in Hand Development with the Communities

Our Movement goes beyond treating the initial issues; we educate communities on sustainable development and ask that they split the work 50/50 with us to ensure an invested interest from the community.

Engineering Volunteer Opportunities

our Development Projects

At Safe Homes Movement, we believe in creating sustainable changes that offer more than just immediate relief. Our projects are designed to meet the long-term needs of the communities we serve, fostering safety, unity, and opportunity.

Staircase Construction

Many communities in hilly terrains struggle with steep, dangerous slopes. Easier and safer access to essential community services like schools and markets.

Parks and Playgrounds

Safe spaces for children to play and communities to gather are often lacking. Improved community well-being and stronger social bonds.

Home Renovations

Substandard living conditions put families at risk. More secure, comfortable homes leading to improved quality of life.

Infrastructure Repair

Deteriorating infrastructure like roads can be hazardous. Ensures safe, effective transportation within the community.

Community Centers

A lack of community spaces hinders social cohesion and support systems. Encourages community interaction, educational programs, and civic participation.

Hygiene Projects

Lack of proper hygiene facilities can lead to various community health issues. Improved sanitation and cleanliness, contributing to overall well-being.

School Infrastructure

Many schools lack basic facilities, affecting the quality of education. Improved learning environments that foster academic success.

Ecological Initiatives

Sustainability is often overlooked in the rush for basic needs. Introduces environmentally friendly practices, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations.


Building a Brighter Future Together

Our development projects are focused in two incredibly diverse and beautiful countries, Peru and Ecuador. While the landscapes and cultures are breathtaking, many communities in these regions face daily challenges due to the lack of basic infrastructure. 

Engineering Volunteer Opportunities
Lima, Peru

Lima, the capital of Peru, faces challenges in unequal distribution of essential services and infrastructure. Projects in Lima focus on enhancing urban infrastructure and incorporating sustainable, ecological initiatives to better serve marginalized communities.

Project Types: Infrastructure repair, staircases, roads, parks, home and school renovations.

Engineering Volunteer Opportunities
Cusco, Peru

As a historical city situated in the Andes, Cusco presents unique challenges related to its hilly terrain and aging infrastructure. Projects often include the construction of corn dryers and fuel efficient stoves to improve living conditions.

Project Types: Infrastructure repair, home and school renovations, ecological initiatives.

Engineering Volunteer Opportunities
Tena, Ecuador

As the gateway to the Amazon, Tena has unique ecological concerns along with educational shortcomings. Projects include school infrastructure improvements and ecological initiatives aimed at balancing community development with environmental sustainability.

Project Types: Infrastructure repair, home and school renovations, ecological initiatives, higiene projects

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